Providing Support with Addiction Recovery

For some, the first step towards life transformation from homelessness is choosing addiction recovery. 

In fact, the National Coalition for the Homeless reports that “38% of homeless people are alcohol dependent, and 26% are dependent on other harmful chemicals” (source). Whether addiction is the cause or a result of homelessness, making this change can make all the difference to someone experiencing homelessness.

There is hope. Just in the last few years, we’ve seen countless lives changed after individuals choose to get help. We offer recovery services for men at The Potter’s House. 

The Potter’s House is our Athens location that sits on 550 acres. This farm location offers a long-term residential discipleship program for men struggling with addiction. We focus on education and community, with multiple classrooms, a gym, a chapel, and a gathering space. We even offer therapeutic programs, GED training, computer literacy, and job training in order to propel these men into their careers. 

We’re humbled by the stories of transformation we’ve seen come through these locations. Here are just a few: 

“When you are so broken, no matter how much you try to fix yourself, you can’t. You have to humble yourself and learn new tools for a better life. The Potter’s House gives you those tools. God is truly at work here.” – Ali (read his full story here)

“Most people didn’t think I’d make it, and they had good reason to doubt me… But I was determined to work through all the emotional baggage I grew up with. I got saved here and my life slowly started to change. I left the past behind and everything got better, especially my relationship with my mother. Everyone here became the family I never had.” – Gyassi (Read his full story here)

“Once I found God and started praying, things started happening. It’s amazing. My son will never have to see me high or drunk. Ever.” – Ryan (Read his full story here)

How you can help

The best way you can help someone you love who’s struggling with both homelessness and addiction is by educating them on their options. We’re here to get them the recovery they need. Point them to The Potter’s House. Click here to find out more about our shelters and to get directions.

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