Story of Transformation

Greg’s Story of Transformation

August 6, 2019
Greg's Story of Transformation

Greg grew up in Atlanta and was rooted deeply in a relationship with Christ. While he had a great childhood and a solid faith-based relationship, his story is one of struggle, learning who he truly is, and who God called him to be. For as long as he could remember, Greg had always been indecisive …

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Janelle’s Story of Transformation

July 15, 2019
Janelle at My Sisters House

Trusting relationships are the foundation for a great life, but for Janelle, creating one was never an option. Growing up, Janelle was unable to have a true relationship with her father. Family differences caused an artificial wedge to come between them, leaving Janelle longing for a relationship she was unable to create. Just as they …

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Blake’s Story of Transformation

June 17, 2019
Blake outside TSI - story of transformation

Growing up, Blake was an athlete. He would spend his days playing baseball surrounded by loving parents and good friends. He was accepted into the University of Miami on a baseball scholarship where he played as a catcher. However, after dislocating his left hip, Blake’s baseball career came to an end, and a 16-year battle …

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Veronica’s Story of Transformation

November 23, 2015
Veronica at Atlanta Mission

“I want to tell donors, ‘Thank God for you!” Your support of Atlanta Mission is helping Veronica leave addiction behind Veronica was in jail, worrying about her two children, wondering where they would go after she got out. And that’s when a young lady shared that she knew of a wonderful place that would help …

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Laura’s Story of Transformation

October 27, 2015

As a child, Laura didn’t have much of a father figure, because her dad was rarely around. Though she longed for her father, the pain was too much to handle. “I grew up with resentment and insecurity around men.” But as often happens in these situations, Laura ended up dating men who reminded her of …

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