The Impact of Homelessness on Mothers

In 2018, we served nearly 1,000 mothers and 2,000 children at both My Sister’s House and our Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. Many mothers are in survival mode when they arrive at Atlanta Mission. They can’t even begin to think about themselves until they know their children are safe. Without the resources or even energy to think about their future, the impact of homelessness on mothers is about more than just the fight for their own future, but for the future of their children as well.

How does homelessness impact mothers?

The bond between a mother and child is truly one of the greatest examples of unconditional love. Many mothers prioritize the well-being of their children above her own. Her children’s health, education, and happiness will always be bigger than any pain or hunger that she’s feeling. For mothers who are fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads and food on the table, time spent with their little ones is dedicated toward making happy, loving memories. But for mothers facing homelessness, every day is a battle to keep her babies safe and healthy.

84% of families experiencing homelessness are single moms with children. – Green Door

Imagine going days without eating because you can only scrape together enough to feed your baby one little meal. Or thinking about the possibilities of heat stroke, dehydration, and serious illness from the heat of the blacktop that is your current “home.” What if you were constantly worrying about the safety of your children as you sleep on the streets? These are things that mothers facing homelessness endure every day. Many mothers facing homelessness let their health fall by the wayside just to help her kids. And the stressors of what they are dealing with do not help. She is constantly worried about the safety of her family.

It’s around this time of year where we celebrate our mothers with brunch, flowers, laughs, and smiles for a Mother’s Day celebration. While you experience this fortune, keep in mind all of the mothers who will be spending their day worrying about how they’re going to provide their children with another meal or safe shelter.  

No mother deserves to worry about how they’re going to provide for their children and keep them safe. We would love your help in supporting the women and children here at Atlanta Mission. Here are a few ways you can help. If you know of a mother in need, provide her with one of our referral cards to The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. You can download one here.

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