The Power of Thanksgiving at Atlanta Mission

What do your Thanksgiving plans look like? Maybe you’re traveling to be with family or you’re sharing a meal with close friends. But for many people in our own community, Thanksgiving looks much different. 


We saw thousands of people come through our shelters last year during the Thanksgiving season, seeking shelter and a warm meal. But it goes far beyond that. 


The impact of Thanksgiving at Atlanta Mission


Imagine living on the streets, terrified and uncertain of how you’ll find your next meal, unsure of whether you’ll survive through the cold night or not. Imagine walking the streets without anyone acknowledging you or wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Imagine not having anything to be truly thankful for. 


But then imagine finding a warm shelter with food. Imagine sharing a table with someone who calls you by name and looks you in your eyes. This is where hope begins. 


That’s what Thanksgiving is like at Atlanta Mission. 


Donations during this time don’t just provide meals; they provide a safe space for relationships to form and begin truly changing lives. 


Your donations also provide:

  • Shelter at one of our campuses
  • Warm clothes and a shower
  • Life Transformation helping to overcome the true cause of their homelessness


Will you help us create life-changing relationships this season? If you’re able to give, you can do so here. You can also pray for us as well as the guests we’ll see this season. 

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We’d be honored to have you share in the joys, struggles and transformations of Atlanta’s most vulnerable souls.

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