Marica’s Story of Transformation

It’s hard to believe anyone could survive the things Marica has been through . . . physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Beaten and abused, broken and bruised, crushed every which way till her body and soul were almost shattered beyond repair.

But today, thanks to your support, Marica now knows the true joy, grace, and good news of Christmas . . .

Marica’s story began in early childhood when she was sexually abused, a pattern that continued through her teens. Rather than protect her, Marica’s mother blamed Marica for the abuse.

“My mom said she was a Christian,” Marica remembers. “I thought I had grown up in a Christian home. I was like, If this is Christianity, I don’t want any part of it.

At 18, Marica left home and joined another religion, which at first brought her some peace. But her past trauma haunted her, and she turned to drugs to numb her pain. There were a few relationships, all of them abusive. She was in and out of domestic violence shelters.

“I was always terrified,” she says. “But I just kept praying that God would take me out of those situations.”

Marica finally did leave her abuser, but ended up homeless. She soon met another man, got pregnant, and found herself completely alone . . . and scared.

Someone suggested Atlanta Mission. When she learned it was a Christian ministry, Marica resisted because of her old misconceptions about Christianity. But with nowhere else to turn, she went anyway.

“And they welcomed me with open arms,” Marica says. “They didn’t judge me. They just loved me.”

Marica gave birth to a girl named Savannah. A few months later, she decided to embrace Christianity. Now she’s excited about what she calls her first Christmas as a true follower of Jesus, and she even has her own new apartment.

“The love shown to me last Christmas at Atlanta Mission makes me excited for this first Christmas as a follower of Christ,” says Marica. “Lots of parties, lots of joy. Now that I know the reason for all of that joy, this should be my best Christmas ever!”

Stories like this are a direct result of your kindness. Thank you!