The Impact of Homelessness on Mothers

May 6, 2019
mom carrying daughter with a hard impact of homelessness on mothers

In 2018, we served nearly 1,000 mothers and 2,000 children at both My Sister’s House and our Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. Many mothers are in survival mode when they arrive at Atlanta Mission. They can’t even begin to think about themselves until they know their children are safe. Without the resources or…

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The Generational Impact of Homelessness

April 22, 2019
mother and son together because of the generational impact of homelessness

For those facing homelessness, change isn’t just about a hot meal and a place to stay. Change is about sustaining and growing as a person emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Choosing help at Atlanta Mission has the power to completely change the trajectory of not only an individual’s life, but the lives of their children, their…

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The Impact of Homelessness on Children

August 6, 2018
impact of homelessness

When we think of homelessness, we often think of men and women on the streets, many times with a stereotype in mind. The thought of a family, even children, experiencing homelessness does not often come to mind. But it’s very common – more common than you might think. Around 1,300 of those experiencing homelessness in…

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